Our API lets you send, receive, edit and delete data from your account through an SSL encrypted HTTP POST request.

For every call, you'll either get a short message, an XML formatted respond or an error message.

Calling an API method

As below is an example of an API method:

Notice the use of "https" instead of "http". All API communication is encrypted over HTTPS. This is to prevent any third party from eavedropping.


Each API call needs to be authenticated. Authentication only needs an API key, which is provided in your account settings. No username or password needs to be used for security reasons.

The API key contains a total of 32 alphanumeric characters and looks similar to this:


API Call Limits

Each account has a limit of 5000 API calls per day. This number will be reset daily.

The following is an example of an error message when your API limit is reached:

Error: API limit reached.

If you need your API calls limit to be increased, please file a support request to discuss with us.


If you have any questions regarding our API or found a bug, please send us a support request.