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New Feature: Schedule Emails To Your Clients

Schedule Emails To Your Clients

Key Feature


Activity Feed (RSS)


Following the major collaboration feature update, we’ve added a new “Activity Feed” (RSS) for you to get notified of events happening in your account. Just click on the new “Activity Feed” link and you’ll be able to grab that link and subscribe it with your favorite RSS reader.

If you don’t know what RSS is, here’s a good post.

With the Activity Feed, you can stay up to date with whatever that is happening within your team and yourself.

For example if a task or milestone is completed, a new project is added, when a timer is started, projects are marked as paid, invoiced, a late invoice email is sent, an email is read by your client etc – your RSS feed will be updated. You will also know who did what and when.

A great way to keep tabs on your business and team!


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