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New Feature: Schedule Emails To Your Clients

Schedule Emails To Your Clients

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Tip: Sending quote/invoice links to clients outside SUBERNOVA

As you know, when sending an invoice or quote to your client via SUBERNOVA, click tracking is enabled. Which means you’ll get notified via email and/or Prowl when your client clicks the link.

How does this work?

We automatically append the letter t at the back of the link in the email sent to them. When your client clicks the link with the letter t appended at the back of the link, we know that your client has viewed your quote or invoice, so we subsequently send an email or Prowl notification to notify you.

If you’re sending the link in an email application (outside of SUBERNOVA) and you want the same click tracking to be enabled, just append the letter t to the back of your link.

Why the letter t? Just remember it stands for “track”. :)

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