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New! Use SMTP for outgoing emails

Subernova smtp settings

Previously, all emails sent on your behalf to your clients are sent using our server. As a result your email may be marked as spam when it lands on your client’s mailbox. Why? The receiving server usually checks if an email is forged by looking at the IP address of the server sending that email. If it is different from the IP address of your email, there is a chance that your email will get sent to the spam folder.

To prevent this, we now let you use your own SMTP outgoing mail server. If set up correctly, all future emails sent to your clients will be sent using SMTP. In another words, all emails will be sent directly from your own email service provider so that your emails will not end up in their spam folder.

Setting an SMTP outgoing mail server is not compulsory, but recommended if you want to be sure your emails will always land on their inbox. :)

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