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iPhone App And Push Notifications For SUBERNOVA


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New Feature: Schedule Emails To Your Clients

Schedule Emails To Your Clients

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New! Use SMTP for outgoing emails

Previously, all emails sent on your behalf to your clients are sent using our server. As a result your email may be marked as spam when it lands on your client’s mailbox. Why? The receiving server usually checks if an email is forged by looking at the IP address of the server sending that email. [...]

Insert timer data into invoice with one click

You can now add time you’ve tracked via the project or milestone timer into your invoice conveniently with one click!

Click +Create line items from project & milestone timers and all your timer data will be inserted as line items.

You can then edit these items as you see fit. If you use the timer a lot, [...]

Milestone Timer now on iPhone

The new milestone timer is now available on the iPhone app as well. :)

New Milestone Timers and more!

Milestone Timers

Being able to track time on milestones has been the most requested feature. Just like projects, you can now track time on milestones and tasks!
You can also edit the timer manually by launching the milestone editing window.
On the right side of the Timer fields, your total earnings will be displayed. This is [...]

Create Milestones & Links with Alfred

If you use a Mac, and use Alfred, creating a new milestone, task or link can now be done at lightning speed.
Haven’t heard of Alfred? Alfred is an app launcher but it comes with so much more. They recently added a new feature called extensions, which truly opens up a world of endless possibility.
Note that [...]

Use Email To Create Milestones, Tasks And Links

If you love email and use it a lot, this feature will save you some time.
You can now send an email to SUBERNOVA to quickly create a new milestone, task or link.
Here’s how:
Create a new milestone or task via email
You’ll need to send the email via the email account you used for your SUBERNOVA account. [...]

New Invoicing Features

Most Requested Invoicing Features

This update includes two of the most requested features pertaining to invoicing!
1. Ability to set payment due date (payment terms)
2. Recurring invoices
These are also two of the most important features.

Set Your Own Payment Due Date

Previously, the payment terms was default to 30 days with no option to change it. Not anymore.
You can now [...]

Options To Turn SSL On Or Off

Previously, we begin supporting SSL encryption for your data, but there was no way to turn this on or off. If you missed the announcement, or don’t know what SSL is, read this post.
Now you can have the options to enable or disable SSL.
Why the option? Because when you enable SSL, your interaction between SUBERNOVA [...]