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iPhone App And Push Notifications For SUBERNOVA


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New Feature: Schedule Emails To Your Clients

Schedule Emails To Your Clients

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Refinements & Improvements

We spent the bulk of our time working on improving the app, eg. enabling SSL, improving scrolling, letting you create a client in project creation window, squashed a couple of bugs and completely rewritten the front end code of the iPhone app using jQTouch.
Data Security with SSL

We’ve added SSL security to SUBERNOVA. The chances of [...]

SUBERNOVA iPhone App Demo (Coded In jQTouch)

If you’ve been using the iPhone app, or has been following us on Twitter, you may have noticed the much improved iPhone app.
We rewrote the entire front end code in jQTouch’s excellent framework. The entire app is AJAX driven, complete with some native like animations.
Check out the video demonstration below:

You’ll notice a marked improvement in [...]

Options To Turn SSL On Or Off

Previously, we begin supporting SSL encryption for your data, but there was no way to turn this on or off. If you missed the announcement, or don’t know what SSL is, read this post.
Now you can have the options to enable or disable SSL.
Why the option? Because when you enable SSL, your interaction between SUBERNOVA [...]

SSL Support For SUBERNOVA And What This Means To You

SSL existed ages ago but we’re only starting to install it for SUBERNOVA as our user base is growing. SSL ensures that data transferred between your computer and our servers remain encrypted and private.
Why SSL?
As our user base grows, more and more users are using SUBERNOVA on the go. For instance, if you’re using a [...]

Major Update Completed: Collaboration!

We’ve just completed a major update! Yes, collaboration features are here!
You can now create unlimited users, share projects, links, assign task and milestones!

New Updates & Black Friday Discount!

Black Friday discount has been extended till December 2nd!
We want to take this opportunity to thank every single one of you who have tried SUBERNOVA and also those we have become SUBERNOVA subscribers!
Here’s a BIG THANK YOU! We have just pushed out a new update and rest assured that there will be more updates (and [...]

Timer For SUBERNOVA’s iPhone Version

Now you can use your iPhone to track your time. Just like the timer on the desktop/web app, it runs on the server so that you can keep the timer running even if the app is not opened. The iPhone’s timer also syncs with it’s desktop/web counterpart. You can run the timer on the desktop/web [...]

4 New Enhancements

Improved Timer

The timer now runs in the background. Many of us are facing the problem of forgetting to stop the timer before navigating to the other sections. As a result time is not recorded. The improved timer now runs in the server, meaning navigating to the other sections or even closing the app or window [...]