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Invoices & Estimates

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iPhone App And Push Notifications For SUBERNOVA


New Feature

New Feature: Schedule Emails To Your Clients

Schedule Emails To Your Clients

Key Feature


New app coming soon: MockVault

Throughout the 13 years of designing websites for clients, we noticed one thing. In terms of design approvals, presenting designs in different ways yields different results. The initial design stage can be a very draggy process, if you do not present your designs the right way, it can give you days or even weeks of [...]

Insert timer data into invoice with one click

You can now add time you’ve tracked via the project or milestone timer into your invoice conveniently with one click!

Click +Create line items from project & milestone timers and all your timer data will be inserted as line items.

You can then edit these items as you see fit. If you use the timer a lot, [...]

Milestone Timer now on iPhone

The new milestone timer is now available on the iPhone app as well. :)

New Milestone Timers and more!

Milestone Timers

Being able to track time on milestones has been the most requested feature. Just like projects, you can now track time on milestones and tasks!
You can also edit the timer manually by launching the milestone editing window.
On the right side of the Timer fields, your total earnings will be displayed. This is [...]

Pricing changes

It’s the new year, 2012, we hope you had a good start so far!
We’re writing this to let you know that our pricing will be going through some changes. We have been reviewing our pricing and the features we offer and realized that the price tag we put on this app doesn’t quite match up [...]