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Invoices & Estimates

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iPhone App And Push Notifications For SUBERNOVA


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New Feature: Schedule Emails To Your Clients

Schedule Emails To Your Clients

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Recent Updates

We made some incremental improvements to SUBERNOVA, mostly improving your experience and efficiency when using the app.
Last invoice / quote numbers

If you use incrementing invoice or quote numbers, this will be a great time saver while also keeping your sanity. Whenever you create a new invoice, the Invoice no. field will be pre-populated with the [...]

Create Milestones & Links with Alfred

If you use a Mac, and use Alfred, creating a new milestone, task or link can now be done at lightning speed.
Haven’t heard of Alfred? Alfred is an app launcher but it comes with so much more. They recently added a new feature called extensions, which truly opens up a world of endless possibility.
Note that [...]

Use SUBERNOVA With Fluid Mac App

Fluid lets you create a Real Mac App (or “Fluid App”) out of any website or web application, effectively turning your favorite web apps into OS X desktop apps.
Dock Badge Counts

SUBERNOVA displays a dock badge count of all projects that are due today and tomorrow, as well as milestones that are due today and tomorrow, [...]

Use Email To Create Milestones, Tasks And Links

If you love email and use it a lot, this feature will save you some time.
You can now send an email to SUBERNOVA to quickly create a new milestone, task or link.
Here’s how:
Create a new milestone or task via email
You’ll need to send the email via the email account you used for your SUBERNOVA account. [...]

The New Daily Report

Previously, you receive one email for every project or milestone deadline notification. The new email notification, called Daily Report, is a single email displaying all your projects and milestones deadline, complete with activities from the past 24 hours.
The coffee cup image will be replaced with your own logo if you’ve uploaded one via Settings > [...]